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Buying property in Montenegro can be challenging as there are many different factors to take into consideration, arguably more than in many other areas. This in turn also makes Montenegro a very interesting place to invest, as with the right knowledge and buying assistance you can make a great investment, both for personal leisure and capital gain. 

To be able to achive the best possible property purchase for our clients we have a vast amount of knowledge of the area (geographically, economically & socially) and great relationships with all the main stakeholders (property owners, athoritites, developers, brokers etc.). In addition, our multinational team is able to communicte in five languages to also efficiently understand what our clients are looking for. 

Below we have exposed a few different types of sample properties that are currently available to give you a taste of the market. Naturally there are many more options that we can present once we have understand what our clients are looking for. 

For further information please kindly contact info@mrayconsulting.com .