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About us

MRAY is a property Buyer’s Agent and consultancy located in Montenegro and the South of France. Our main focus is to look after the buyer's interests to ensure the best possible purchase is made.

For our clients that prefer to build their own property in Montenegro we offer a development service. The main elements here are the finding the right land, working with the client to develop their ideal concept, developing the project to a 'ready-to-build' state with local & international architects, obtaining buidling permission etc., sourcing all the best suppliers, and managing the build until the end.

The architectural and furniture supply element of our business works with both local and international architects and has direct relationships with the best furniture manufacuteres. With our in-house architect and carfully selected suppliers we are able to professionally manage and execute all types of projects. 

Putting all of the above into operation is our multinational team of five professionals, each an expert in their own field and a wealth of experience to provide the assistance and knowledge needed to find the right property at the right conditions, and potentially transform it from its current state to your dream estate.


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